Village Awards Bid, Set To Extend Buckeye Drive

Managing Editor

New Knoxville councilors awarded a bid for the completion of Buckeye Drive with plans to expand the village’s industrial park street during Wednesday’s meeting.

Councilors anonymously passed an emergency Ordinance 2019-4-02, awarding the construction bid of $405,093.20 to Anna-based Donald A. Sommer Inc. to pave and extend Buckeye Drive by roughly 400 feet west to make it a cul-de-sac in order to connect to the other three lots at the end of the street.

Construction on the street could start as early as Thursday, Mayor Keith Leffel said, but the project is slated to be completed by Sept. 1.

The village is looking to expand its unfinished Buckeye Drive in its industrial park after councilors approved going into a Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) program with Advanced Machine Solutions, LLC during its February meeting to occupy the 4.4 acres of land. The village has three additional lots as well as two additional unoccupied lots in that space.

Along with awarding the bid, council passed Ordinance 2019-4-04, increasing the appropriations in fund 3406 from $0 to $26,459.28 and fund 40903 from $3,984.84 to $409,078.04 for the purpose of the Buckeye Drive extension project and declared it as an emergency. In addition, council passed under an emergency Ordinance 2019-4-05 to transfer $25,000 from the general fund for the purpose of the Buckeye Drive extension project.

In other council business: 

• Heard Village Administrator’s Rex Katterheinrich’s report regarding road construction on state Route 29. Katterheinrich said Barrett Paving Materials Inc. in Sidney was awarded to do the work beginning June 5 from the Shelby County line south of the village limits, through the village to Moulton Angle Road on the north end of the village.

The project is slated to be completed by July 31. Crews will grind off 2 inches and put 2 inches of new asphalt down roughly a 1.3-mile stretch. Tactile paving will also be added to the end of the sidewalk of each intersection.