Village Dedicates Legacy Park

Staff photo/Andrew Wilson
Staff Writer

Jeff Pape addresses the crowd during Sunday’s dedication for Komminsk Legacy Park on Sunday. During the dedication, former Village Administrator Wayne York read a letter from Dianne Komminsk, who was instrumental in the creation of the park but who could not make the ceremony. The letter is as follows:

Greetings to all, I’m sorry I could not join you today, but I’m with you in spirit. I want to thank Mayor Pape and the village council for allowing me to participate in the creation of this lovely park and our new restrooms and to honor New Bremen and my family. I thank Cathi Hall, Linda Tinsley, Michele Bambauer and Christy Shell for their original idea for an interactive park and the energy they expended on the concept before introducing me to it. Little did they know, I’d embrace the idea and be eager to see it completed ASAP. Thanks to John Freytag, our architect, and Cindy Driskell, landscape architect, for their invaluable design contributions and construction follow through. In addition, they were fun to work with, always a plus. Wayne York, the village administrator at the time, and Mike Hibner, parks superintendent, were with the project from the beginning and saw it through completion. They both were important to the project. Mike was involved on a daily basis. We were pleased to have H.A. Dorsten, Inc., as our contractors for the art park. I want to acknowledge Ron (Dorsten) at (H.A.) Dorsten and Sean Dorsten, their current president. Our foreman for the project was Kevin Huber, he was great to work with. He and Mike Hibner checked bases daily. We thank Matt Krieg and our entire electric department, plus Greg Dennings in the water department, for all their work on the infrastructure. The village contributed all the infrastructure work needed. Our guys also helped by providing equipment to help move some of the yard pieces in the place. You can this is a community effort. Special recognition to our friend Steve Bornhorst, I was on the site the day he was injured. Steve has worked so hard and he has come back stronger than ever. With the love and support of Christa (Bornhorst), his family and friends, he has conquered a difficult injury and is back at work. I applaud him and I am honored to call him a friend. I thank so many who have written notes about the park. The Kommisk Legacy Park is my family’s gift to New Bremen. Yes, I saved their money. Members of my family have lived and worked and loved New Bremen since the 1830s. I thank you New Bremen, I love our community.

— Dianne Komminsk