Will Hoskins joins New Bremen Schools

Staff Writer

The New Bremen School District is seeing a lot of new faces this year, as they have brought on new teachers and an administrator. One of those teaches, is Will Hoskins, the new physical education teacher for the elementary school.
A Dayton native and self proclaimed sports fanatic, he isn’t completely new to the Cardinals as he’s known New Bremen to be exceptional in volleyball. Becoming a PE teacher has only furthered that knowledge, he said.
“Obviously here, all of the girls are volleyball crazy,” Hoskins said. “It’s insane like we were just practicing passing a volleyball and I had first grade girls in perfect position knowing exactly how to stand and hit and set and it’s like holy cow, I’ve never seen this anywhere. I student taught in West Milton — Milton Union — and [had] high schoolers that couldn’t do some of the things first graders are doing volleyball wise here.”
Sports and fitness are two dominant pastimes for Hoskins, he mentioned, and it was sports, specifically football, that got him interested in teaching in the first place. While he was in college he said he started coaching high school football and got a job with Wright State University working at a summer camp. It was there that he said he fell in love with the pandamonium and seeing the kids excitement while witnessing how much he could teach them.
The excitement is something that hasn’t gone away, he said.
“Especially being here, being a gym teacher, you’re like their favorite person in the world so when I walk through the hallways I feel like the paparazzi are around,” Hoskins said. “I’m high fiving everyone like I’m the president ... I just love it.
“I’m a sports guys, I love exercise and fitness so why not do something I enjoy every single day. I come to work excited everyday, so it’s awesome.”
New Bremen Elementary isn’t Hoskins first job as a teacher, however. A year ago he was teaching in Texas, while his wife was finishing up medical school at Texas Christian University. In a heavily urban area, the school he worked at dealt with vastly different issues than New Bremen, he said.
“You hear a kid cussing in the hallways it’s like, ‘that’s the way it is. Not worth my breath to even say anything as long as they aren’t saying it at somebody or being malicious,’ whereas here [in New Bremen] it would be a big deal,” Hoskins said of the school in Texas.
Since coming to New Bremen, he said things have met what he called his, “high expectations.” Whether needing help from administration or from the secretary, Becky Eyink, he said the school has been nothing but, “awesome.”
Other teachers in the district have been friendly and nice as well, something he said is a big deciding factor when finding a job. He wasn’t surprised because, “I’ve heard good things about New Bremen always.”
One addition he made right away to the gym was adding speakers so he could play music during his classes.
“I play a lot of music in here, something they said their last teacher never did so they love it,” he said. “Even when we’re warming up, just walking and jogging, just playing music, it makes everything better. I’ve got about 150 Kidz Bop songs on my phone right now.”
The village itself is another aspect of the district that he likes, comparing it to something you would see in a hallmark movie. Once his wife — a native of Maria Stein— finishes her residency in Dayton, they plan to move to the area.
While working in New Bremen as the elementary PE teacher, Hoskins also plans to coach the girls reserve basketball team. He said he’s already met with the girls over the summer during open gym sessions where he got a chance to see what he was going to be working with.
“I’ve been told the girls are very competitive and will by into and do pretty much whatever you tell them,” he said.
Until basketball season starts, Hoskins keeps himself busy with coaching his all-time favorite pastime: football. An assistant coach for Chaminade Julienne — ranked No. 1 in the state — he works with the wide receivers and tight ends.
Football is the new teacher’s favorite sport, with his favorite teaming sitting more than two hours north of New Bremen. The Ohioan says he’s been a Michigan fan his whole life, despite being surrounded by Buckeye fans. He’s used to the smack talk he hears, even when it comes from his younger students, but it doesn’t stop him from supporting the maize and blue.
“I try not to revolve my whole world around it too much but Saturdays when Michigan is playing there is nothing; like if my brother was getting married I would watch the Michigan game,” he laughed. “Everyone knows this, Michigan is my No. 1 thing, I love watching Michigan football.”
For his first year at the school, he said a big part is going to be figuring out where the students excel fitness wise, and where they could use some work. He said every school is different and every PE teacher is different, so this year will be more of trying to figure out where he needs to focus in the coming year. One thing is for sure he said, volleyball is not an area that needs improvement.