Wine "Grateful" To Be SummerFest Queen

2017 SummerFest Queen Colleen Sharpin (right) puts the crown on 2018 SummerFest Queen Jillian Wine during the SummerFest Queen Pageant on Sunday at the Performing Arts Center in Memorial High School.
Managing Editor

Experience matters.

After coming up short as the second runner-up in last year’s SummerFest Queen Pageant,  2018 SummerFest Queen Jillian Wine believed experience played a factor in her performance as she earned the crown on Sunday.

“I was a lot more comfortable this year,” said the 2018 Memorial High School graduate. “Last year, I got rid of some of the nerves and this year, I just had fun with it.”

Wine, the daughter of Douglas and Clarinda Wine, has been involved in a number of activities throughout her time at MHS, including being the captain of the Roughriders cheerleading team, a two-year letter winner on the Roughriders girls tennis team, as well a being a member of the National Honor Society and a member of Student Council.

“I am super grateful, this is such a dream come true,” Wine said. “Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to represent the town as that positive role model. So when they said, ‘Jillian Wine’ I thought, ‘ah! I finally did it!’”

When her name was called, Wine had a shocking look on her face and could not contain her joy as 2017 SummerFest Queen Colleen Sharpin approached Wine with a sash and a crown.

In addition, Wine’s answer to her on-stage interview question was another example of how previous experiences have helped her not only become this year’s SummerFest Queen, but also become the person she is today. The question was, what teacher has impacted your life the most and why?

“The teacher that has impacted my life the most is Mrs. Styer. Throughout my middle school years, my family and I were going through a rough patch. Mrs. Styer took me under her wing and she really just taught me that I was special and beautiful despite the bad things that were going on around me and I am very thankful for that.”

Rounding out the court was Aliya Patterson as first runner-up, Kelcie Fox at second runner-up, Abbi Chorvas at third runner-up and Kylie Lauth at fourth runner-up.

Patterson also won the best personal interview, winning $100 in cash and Macie Hagens won the Miss Congeniality award.

Additional contestants included: Presley Smith, Lauren Mullins, Bailey Lininger, Brooke Yahl, Natalie Ginter, Allie Orick and Kateland Keene