WSU Faculty Votes No Confidence

Staff Writer

On Monday, faculty at Wright State University released the results of “confidence or no confidence” vote for their board of trustees.
The results showed that 87 percent, 387 votes, of the faculty that voted — 440 total votes out of 735 eligible faculty — had no confidence in the board. Only 58 voters, 13 percent, voted to have confidence.
In the letter explaining their results, the faculty claimed they lost faith in the board for several reasons. According to the letter, the board led the university into a financial crisis that, “resulted in a complete depletion of University reserves.”
It also listed the 2014 creations of a non-profit called the “Double Bowler” to hide the ownership of real estate purchased on behalf of the University, “who cannot afford to maintain these properties.”
With the Double Bowler, the letter cites that WSU operational costs for the non-profit led to losses and debts amounting to $11.3 million in mortgages extending through 2035.
Also included in the full report was a rebuttal from the University, citing that the board was unaware of deficit spending until 2015.
“Overspending was found across the university, even among academic units,” the statement read. “For example, faculty, administrators and staff had continued to be hired even though enrollments had continued to decline, and long term financial commitments were made without budgeted recurring funds.
Nearly half of the $130 million spent from reserves can be attributed to hiring personnel without appropriate long-term funding in place”
In terms of the Double Bowler, the report said an extensive review began in 2017 which is still ongoing.
Next steps for the university are unknown as of yet.