YMCA Hosts Health Fair

CELINA — Local residents got the chance to get some health tips and screenings through a health fair sponsored by a local hospital.

The Auglaize/Mercer Family YMCA’s north branch hosted a health fair, sponsored by Joint Township District Memorial Hospital, an affiliate of Grand Lake Health System, Saturday morning. Locals of all ages flocked to the gym to absorb the abundance of health information and screenings that were offered. There were booths devoted to women’s health —  which offered information on breast cancer risk, mammograms, and more —  the dangers of smoking — which featured a healthy pigs’ lung and one from a pig that had been exposed to secondhand smoke over a prolonged period of time — there was an area where fairgoers were being given back massages, and where participants in the Grand Lake Health Challenge waited for their first weigh-in and for a body fat screening.

“(The event was) a team effort of our Grand Lake Health System coordinated by Community Outreach,” Outreach Coordinator Anne Larger told The Evening Leader.

“We have a variety of lab screenings at nominal fees. We offer many free screenings —  blood pressure, foot, glucose, skin cancer, osteo. And it’s all free. Hearing is another one (we offer).”

Larger said she hoped as many people as possible would take advantage of the many opportunities to take control of their health and to seek out the information that will help them make more healthful lifestyle choices.

“It’s important that people know their numbers,” she said. “It’s important that people start out their year right developing a healthier lifestyle. We have many health care professionals that are here (who) can educate about those numbers and the effects elevated numbers can have on the different body systems.

There also was a booth highlighting the services of Grand Lake’s Home Heath Care Services and Hospice Services. Home Health Specialist Carolyn Lammers manned this booth, and wanted to emphasize that Home Health Services offers more to its patients than bathing and blood pressure readings, but also in-home physical therapy, and many procedures that would normally be given in outpatient care.

“(This program) helps people regain their independence,” Lammers said, as the specialists go right into patients’ homes. She lauded the program’s ability to better involve the patient in his or her own care.

People were still arriving in droves to the gym, even as the fair was nearing its end, to enjoy the free food table set up in the back, where people were waiting to have blood drawn and tests done, and to take advantage of the fair’s offerings in general.

“We are very pleased at (the outcome of) this health fair,” Larger said.  “We offered the initial weigh-in for the Grand Lake Health Challenge, and we will continue weigh-ins through next week. Registration is through The Evening Leader and the Wapakoneta Daily News, and schedule of weigh-ins and more information on the Grand Lake Health Challenge can be found at GrandLakeHealth.org.”